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H beam fabrication line Automatic H beam cutting plasma robot machine

Short Description:

Model No.: T400

Warranty : 3 Years
If you fabricate structural steel, Our 8 axis plasma cutting robot will make your operation more efficient. That’s what it’s doing for a variety of companies who operate outside the traditional building industry.
Whether you call it a beam, a channel, a brace or a bracket . . . whether you make it from carbon steel, or stainless steel . . . Our 8 axis plasma cutting robot will help you make it at the lowest total cost and with unrivaled quality.

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Applicable Materials Of H Beam Cutting Machine
Cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, iron. Cutting round pipe , square pipe, angle steel, steel channels, H beam, H-beam, H steel etc.

Applicable Industries Of H beam Cutting Machine
metal fabrication, oild and gas pipe, steel construction, tower, train rail and other steel cutting fields.

H beam fabrication line Automatic H beam cutting plasma robot machine3


France Schneider Electrical Components
* The selection of branded spare parts technical services is guaranteed, and technical online service support.

France Schneider Electrical Components

Japan Panasonic Or Fuji Servo Motor
* High motion precision: It can realize the closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcome the problem of stepping motor out-of-step; read data in time with encoder feedback to compare the position.
* Speed: Good high-speed performance, generally rated speed can reach 1500-3000 rpm.

Japan Panasonic Or Fuji Servo Motor

America Hypertherm Plasma Generator
No.1 Brand on the world, good cutting surface.

America Hypertherm Plasma Generator

Good Bolt Hole Process
Instantaneously changes speeds and uses sophisticated software algorithms to produce straight through holes.

Good Bolt Hole Proces

Techinical parameters



Max Cutting Length

6m / 9m / 12 m

Min Cutting Length

0.5 m

Max Cutting Diamter


Min Cutting Diameter


Reposition precision


Processing precision


Maximum cutting speed


Torch Height control mode


Control system


Electrical Supplier

380V 50HZ / 3 Phase


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