17 Years Manufacturing Experience


Sheet fiber laser cutting machine can cut carbon steel , stainless steel , inox , galvanized steel , aluminium , brass , copper and other metal . Widely used for industry of machinery parts, electrics, electrical cabinet, kitchenware, elevator panel, hardware tools, metal enclosure, advertising sign letters, lighting lamps, metal crafts, decoration, jewelry, medical instruments, automotive parts, metal working and other metal cutting fields.

Knoppo laser is famous brand in China , we can produce 1kw ~20kw fiber laser cutting machine , cutting area can be also customized , such as 1300*900mm , 1300*2500mm , 3000*1500mm , 6000*1500mm , 6000*2500mm and 8000*2500mm etc . And configuration is also best , most spare parts is from famous brand , for example , Switzerland Raytools laser head , Japan Fuji servo motor , Japan Shimpo reducer , Japan SMC gas valve , S&A water chiller for cooling laser head & laser source and CYPCUT control system etc , good quality . Positioning and re-positioning accuracy can up to 0.02mm.

About service , we can send sample to customer for cutting quality checking , then you can confirm this order . And we provide 3 years warranty , all engineer can speak English . If you need , we can also send engineer to oversea for aftersales service . 

Knoppo fiber laser tube cutting machine can cut round tube , square tube , angle steel , channels and H beam etc , cutting length can be option , 6m ,9m and 12m , cutting diameter can be also customized , for example , 16mm ~220mm , 20mm ~350mm etc .

this laser tube cutting machine is automatic feeding and chuck , save time , improve cutting speed . Maybe you also cut metal tube with thin thickness , so we installed four supporter on machine table to prevent from out of shape . 

Knoppo T400 and RT400 CNC plasma cutting machine can cut and bevel H beam , channels , angle steel , round pipe and suqare pipe etc , cutting length and diameter can be customized . Widely used for metal fabrication , metal engineering , oil &gas pipe and steel construction etc . 

We use Japan Fuji servo motor , America Hypertherm plasma generator , Shanghai Fangling control system , tubemaster nesting software and 6 axis cutting beam . Cutting , beveling and holes is no problem . 3 years warranty . 

We can produce nonmetal co2 laser cutting machine and metal &nonmetal co2 laser cutting machine , also can engrave on most nonmetal , 3 years warranty .

KCL-X series Co2 laser machine can cut and engrave wood , acrylic, leather , plexiglass , MDF , plywood and plastic etc .

KCL-XM series CO2 laser machine can cut carbon steel , iron , stainless steel , wood , acrylic , leather , MDF and plywood etc .

UV laser marking machine , fiber laser marking machine and co2 laser marking machine is available in our company .

UV laser marking machine is mainly used for glass , soft plastic marking  etc .

Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for metal , aluminium , mirror and hard plastic tec .

CO2 laser marking machine is mainly used for wood , bamboo and other wooden materials . 

Fiber laser welding machine is mainly used for 0.2~10mm metal welding , smooth welding surface and fast working speed . 1000w , 1500w ,2000w laser power is available . 

Fiber laser cleaning machine can remove rust , oil , paint and dust on metal , fast speed , environment friendly , also no damaged for metal surface.