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Common problems and solutions of handheld laser welding machine !

1. Slag splash

In the process of laser welding, the molten material splashes everywhere and adheres to the surface of the material, causing metal particles to appear on the surface and affecting the appearance of the product.

Reason : The splash may be caused by too much power and too fast melting, or because the surface of the material is not clean, or the gas is too strong.

Solution:  1. Adjust the power appropriately; 2. Keep clean for the material surface;  3. Down the gas pressure.

2 . Welding seam is too width

During welding, it will be found that the weld seam is significantly higher than the conventional level, resulting in the weld seam being enlarged and looking very unsightly.

Reason: The wire feeding speed is too fast, or the welding speed is too slow.

Solution: 1. Reduce the wire feeding speed in the control system; 2. Increase the welding speed.

3. Welding offset

During welding, it is not solidified at the end , and the positioning is not accurate, which will lead to failure of the welding.

Reason: the positioning is not accurate during welding; the position of the wire feeding and the laser irradiation is inconsistent.

Solution: 1. Adjust the laser offset and swing angle on system; 2. Check whether there is any deviation in the connection between the wires and the laser head.

4. Welding color is too dark

When welding stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, the color of welding surface is too dark, which will cause a strong contrast between the welding surface and pieces surface, which will greatly affect the appearance.

Reason: The laser power is too small, resulting in insufficient combustion, or the welding speed is too fast.

Solution: 1. Adjust the laser power; 2. Adjust the welding speed.

5. Uneven forming of corner welding

When welding inner and outer corners, the speed or posture is not adjusted at the corners, which will easily lead to uneven welding at the corners, which not only affects the welding strength, but also affects the beauty of the weld.

Reason: The welding posture is inconvenient.

Solution: Adjust the focus offset in the laser control system, so the hand-held laser head can weld pieces on the side.

6. Weld depression

Depression at the welded joint will result in insufficient welding strength and unqualified products.

Reason: The laser power is too much, or the laser focus is set incorrectly, which causes the molten depth to be too deep and the material to be melted excessively, which in turn causes the weld to sink.

Solution: 1. Adjust the laser power; 2. Adjust the laser focus.

7. The thickness of the weld is uneven

The weld is sometimes too large, sometimes too small, or sometimes normal.

Reason: Laser or wire feeding is uneven.

Solution: Check the stability of the laser and wire feeder, including power supply voltage, cooling system, control system, ground wire, etc.

8 . Undercut
Undercut refers to the poor combination of the weld and the material, and the occurrence of grooves and other conditions, thus affecting the welding quality.Reason: The welding speed is too fast, so that the molten depth is not evenly distributed on both sides of the material, or the material gap is large and the filling material is insufficient.Solution: 1. Adjust the laser power and speed according to the strength of the material and the size of the weld gap; 2. Carry out filling or repair second-work in the later stage.



Post time: Sep-07-2022